Tulip Etimo Kids Grand-chan

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Tulip has released “Grand-chan,” a crochet hook with a face.

●Increase child’s curiosity

●Increase child’s creative urge

●Improve child’s concentration

Grand-chan will assist in the process of learning to crochet!

How to use Grand-chan>>


Grand-chan comes in three sizes.

ART. NAME : ETIMO Kids Grand-chan

ART. NO.      SIZE

TGC-080e  8mm

TGC-100e  10mm

TGC-120e  12mm


●The longer grip enables you to easily hold the crochet hook like a knitting needle when crocheting.

●The thumb rest on the front side and the grip extending to the back side on which your forefinger rests help you to hold the crochet hook without undue stress.

●The shape of the grip enables users to hold the grip in two ways: pencil holding and knitting-needle-holding.


~~~~~~~~ The story of Grand-chan ~~~~~~~~

The face of “Grand-chan” is based on sketches that were made by kids.

The crochet hook with a face made it easier for us to instruct the user as to which direction the hook should be pointed in.

It also allowed kids to learn how to handle the crochet hook both easily, and quickly.

We would be happy if both kids and beginners could learn crochet in a relaxed and stress-free way.

Grand-chan was created with these ideas in mind.

We hope that kids will enjoy crocheting using their imagination, therefore broadening the world of knitting and crochet.



Package size :

TGC-080e : 66mm x 243mm x 9mm

TGC-100e : 66mm x 243mm x 11mm

TGC-120e : 66mm x 243mm x 13mm