Tulip Etimo Kids Grand-chan Set

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ART. NO. : TGS-080e

ART. NAME : ETIMO Kids Grand-chan Set 8mm


ART. NO. : TGS-100e

ART. NAME : ETIMO Kids Grand-chan Set 10mm


ART. NO. : TGS-120e

ART. NAME : ETIMO Kids Grand-chan Set 12mm



Grand-chan Crochet Hook, 1 person

Grand-chan Helper, 1 person

One 20m ball of yarn

Yarn needles, 3 sizes (S.M.L)



●A set of one crochet hook and a support tool, each with a face.

●With this set, even children and beginners can learn to crochet easily and enjoyably.

*Recommended for ages 6 and up


You can learn crochet quickly while having fun!

Instruction video now available online>>


【 Advantages of crocheting 】

It helps kids develop curiosity and imagination by encouraging them to select yarns and imagine what they can do with their project, and improves their concentration by encouraging them to always think what they should do next while crocheting.


Package size : 180mm x 310mm x 80mm